Coconut Husk Chip

$ 14.50

This is a compressed block of premium quality coconut husk.

Increase the aeration and water-absorbing power of potting soil and clay or heavy soils, without peat moss, while also protecting against harmful root zone fungi and promoting organic farming. Coco husk naturally inhibits infection from Pythium and Phytophthora and increases the cation exchange capacity of your media, or CEC - the ability of media to effectively release nutrients to plants.

Compared to using traditional wood chips or mulch, coco chips will keep their form much longer (4-5 years), will not continually lower pH, and will inhibit the growth of harmful fungi that typically grow on wood chips. Additionally, coco chips are much more attractive, aesthetically.

Each compressed 4.5 kg (~10 lb) block expands to about 2.5 CF in water.
We guarantee consistent high quality on any volume.

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